Camera-Ready Staging

Frequently Asked Questions

Unoccupied Houses:

Starts with a Complimentary Consultation – this consultation will determine the cost of staging your vacant property. The staging needs are determined for a specific property.  

Home Staging Boutique can have a staging proposal ready for your review within 24 hours.

Occupied Houses:  2 options

Option 1:  Starts with a Comprehensive Consultation (usually 1 to 2 hours) $150 per hour

Home Staging Boutique will provide a comprehensive consultation to address all the action items required to get the property ready for the market.  We provide a written report that outlines room-by-room recommendations that a seller would need to stage their property on their own.

Option 2Comprehensive Consultation combined with Staging

Following a thorough consultation, the seller would complete identified action items in order to pave the way for our return.  Home Staging Boutique works to stage the house using the owners’ furniture and possessions.


While you enjoy your personalized unique interior, your choice of colors, and your artwork, the purchaser is looking for a property in which they can visualize their ideal setting with their own possessions. This is a process of widening the appeal by de-personalizing the space. To home stage the scene, the colors are neutral or toned down, the space is cleared as much as possible, and the furniture rearranged to enhance the sense of space.

Home staging is professionally preparing homes for sale so that they appeal to the greatest number of buyers and generate the highest price in the least amount of time. In today’s market conditions, staging sells homes.

Home staging is different than internor design or redesign.  It is “setting the scene” for showcasing your property to attract buyers. 

Home staging is detailing, decluttering, depersonalizing and preparing a seller’s home for a pared down appearance so that the potential buyer can imagine themselves in the home.

According to the National Association of Realtors, photos are the primary tool buyers use to evaluate the property. Staging for camera readiness enhances your online presence, helping to give buyers an interest in pursuing your house.

That first impression will determine if they want to see it in person.  A well- staged space seen on photographs online offers prospective  buyers an excellent idea of the proportions of the space.

Home staging highlights the best features of a house by appropriate placement of items, providing lighting in the best locations, and allowing each room to reflect its best features and character. 

Potential buyers often have a difficult time seeing the potential in a house due to the amount of furniture and possessions within it.  On the other hand, vacant and bare can feel cold and unwelcoming. Home stagers at Home Staging Boutique know to strike the right balance of items, and understand how furniture placement is essential in keeping the focus on the best features of the home, such as windows, fireplaces, and tall ceilings. The right amount of furnishings enhance the visual appeal of a space by helping the potential buyers to imagine themselves living in the house.